Women and art

Measuring equality in the art world.

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After seven weeks of measuring articles about women’s and men’s art in G2 and the film & music supplement in the guardian the data that I have collected show that men’s art is given much more space in the paper than women’s art. 34,97 meter have been written about men’s art and only 9,94 meter about women’s art.

I never doubted that there would be a difference but I would never have guessed that the gap would be so big.

Even though there must be as many female artists around they do not get as much publicity. If you would go to any art college there would probably be as many women as men there, at least the classes would not consist of 2/3 men and less than 1/3 women which the data that I have collected suggests.

One reason could be that a creative career requires a lot of confidence which men in general have more of than women and another reason is that people always seem to have more respect for men. As in all high-up positions in society men normally have more power and the art world does not seem to be an exception. What a world we live in. The road to equality seems endlessly long.


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April 19, 2009 at 7:50 pm

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