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Measuring equality in the art world.

Day twenty-nine

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G2, Arts, Thursday.

Viv Groskop writes about the play Madame de Sade which Judi Dench is starring in (45 cm). It has received poor reviews. I just wanted to show you a good quote from the article:

“Of course, no one expects a play to be praised simply because it was written or directed by a woman, or because it stars women (although you do wonder, “Why the hell not?” when these things are an event in themselves).”

The guardian are good at spicing up their mostly male art dominated arts section with some feminist articles every now and then. But why not just write more about the women?

I guess they only reflect what is going on in the world where men still tend to have the power. Even in the art world.

I have noticed that the most male dominated the guardian supplement is film & music where it is absolutely shocking how much is written about men compared to women.

Surely there must be as many talented female musicians, actors and directors as male ones?

But are they just not good at marketing themselves?

Or do we just prefer reading, watching and listening to men?

Roger Ballen’s best shot (14 cm)


Written by womenandart

April 2, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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